Rahe Sabz Chehelsotoon Company (RSCO) is a knowledge based company which is located in Sheikhbahai Park in Isfahan Science & Technology Town (ISTT). The company activities are organized with regards to reducing energy consumption and Eco-friendly. Main activities are divided into two areas:

  • Instrumentation equipment
  • Automation system for small industries

RSCO develops and manufactures instrumentation equipment such as Radar level transmitter, Ultrasonic level transmitter, Flame detector and Flame scanner as well as Automation systems in order to control and monitor baking bricks processes of Plaque and Huffman furnaces and greenhouse climate.

No.502, 1th Floor, Tiam Parsi BL, Sanat Sq, Isfahan Science and Technology Town, Isfahan University of Technology Blvd, Isfahan, IRAN.
Postal Code:8415683259
Tel: (+)98-031-33932085
Fax: (+)98-021-89783411
Email: Info@R-S-Co.com
Website: www.r-s-co.com
Mahboube Ildarabadi (RSCO CEO)
Email Address: ceo@r-s-co.com

Hojat Bonakdar (Chairman and Technical Manager)
Email Address: chairman@r-s-co.com
Sima Sarlak
Tel: +98-9903836922
Email Address: Sales@r-s-co.com