System Overview

Flame scanner is one of the main devices which is mounted on combustion system of steam generators. (These steam generator uses fossil fuels.) the information which is provided by this equipment, is one of the most significant inputs for burner control and management system. The main role of flame scanner is monitoring the combustion process in steam generators..

Some important requirements of flame scanner are as follow:

  • determining the flame of adjacent ones
  • determining the flames in multi-fossil fuel torch.

Flame scanner comprises of two parts: head scan and MFD. Head scan is equipped with IR and UV boards which detects and receives the IR and UV signals of flame and send them to MFD. MFD is processing unit which analyzes flame signals.

Flame scanner block diagram is displayed in following picture:

 Flame Scanner-BD


Under Construction


  • Reducing the fuel consumption efficiently
  • Increasing safety and avoiding some potential hazards by continuous flame monitoring
  • Cost-effective system
  • High accuracy control and monitoring process and logging flame information


Flam scanner control process is performed in the following steps:
1- Detecting and receiving IR and UV wavelength by means of head scan
2- Sending the output signals of head scan to MFD by means of Fiber optic cable.
3- Processing the received signals in terms of existence, quality and stability of flame by MFD
4- Sending commands based on predefined algorithms to control flame
By this system, burning fossil fuels process continues only if there is a stable flame. Moreover, some potential hazards are avoided by sending proper control commands to prevent fuel injection into combustion chamber in the case of unstable flame or flame-out conditions.
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