System Overview
Pelaque Furnace Automation System is designed to control pelaque bricks baking process. The control process is done by controlling the temperature. Overally, this system provides the possibility of full automatic baking process. The pelaque furnace automation system consists of two main parts as follow:

  • Central Controller system
  • Kiln Controller System

Central Controller System
This part comprises a PC, UPS and Software.

The most important component of Central Controller System is software. This sotware is designed to control baking process automatically and workerless which leads to energy consumption, costs and time reduction as well as increasing the products quality. Moreover, the software provides a real-time overview of kiln controller system performance and ongoing tracing of baking process.

Some features of this software are:

  • Online baking process monitoring
  • Controlling actuators (Fan and inverter) in both manualy and atomatically modes
  • Defining several baking process in consideration to types of brick
  • Providing complete reports of kilns parameters includes temperature and actuators status
  • Defining users with different access
  • Automatic detection kiln control panels

 Kiln Controller System

This part of system is designed to implement baking process based on predefined routins. It is important to employ reliable components for designing this part because of its critical role. Kiln Controller System block diagram is shown in the following picture:


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  • Compatible design to use in industrial environments
  • High fault tolerance system
  • Flexible design to adapt to unforeseen changes and easy development
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Increasing production efficiency up to 30%
  • Increasing production quality
  • Guaranty the color and shape of bricks
  • Reducing human health risks
  • Reducing baking process time
  • Cost effective system in comparison to similar foreign systems


The Pelaque Furnace Automation System consists of hardware and software components which are in wireless communication.
Hardware part includes controller panels that maounted on each kiln separately while software is installed on PC in controller room.
Automatic baking process by using this system is done through the following steps:
`1- measuring the kiln temperature and sending data by means of PLC to Central Controller System
Sending commands to control actuators based on temperature and routins wirelessly by means of embedded PLC in kiln control panel
2- Applying control commands to actuators by PLCs
3- Monitoring the temperature and baking process regulary to ensure baking procedure accuracy
Despite of automatic control, in manual mode, adjusting the actuators and controlling the baking process are done by workers.
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