System Overview

Huffman Furnace Automation System is designed to control baking process automatically and efficiently. This system is mounted on kilns and control the baking process based on measured temperatures and predefined procudeures. The system block diagram is shown in the following picture:


Huffman Furnace Automation System comprises 3 main parts:

Temperature Measurement System

This part consists of three main components: thermocouple, thermocouple driving curcuit and Mini2440 board

  • Thermocouple: thermocouples and their deriving curcuit is mounted on each kiln in order to measure the temperature. It is used type K thermocouples with temperature range 0 to 1200.
  • Thermocouple deriving curcuit: This curcuit is designed to drive thermocouple and send temperature data to Mini2440.
  • Mini2440 board: This part collects the temperature data and sends them to Central Controller System.

Central Controller System

This part includes a PC, UPS and software and control the amount of fuel fed into furnace according to temperature. Moreover, it provides a real-time overview of kiln parameters and ongoing tracking of baking process.

The most important compontent of Central Controller System is monitoring software. Some features of this software are:

  • Defining several baking process according to bricks type and shape
  • Running different baking process simultaneously
  • Processing signals and controlling flame based on input temperatures and predefined algorithms
  • Real time displaying all kilns parametrs
  • Providing management chart reports includes information about time, date, temperature and status of baking process and flame

Control Panel

These panels which are mounted on kilns, receives the control commands from Central Controller System and control the fuel and air fed into kilns by adjusting actuators (Fans and Invertors)

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  • Reducing baking process time by real time control and monitoring
  • Reducing fuel consumption up to 20% and air pollution because of effecient air-fuel mixture
  • Increasing the quality and rate of production


Huffman Furnace Automation System consists of hardware and software components which are in Modbus communication.
The hardware parts are mounted on kilns and communicate over RS485 connections. The control panels of this system is moved around the kilns because of Huffman furnace circular ring structures. The system can be used in both automatic and manual modes. Automatic baking process by using this system is done through the following steps:
1- Measuring the kiln temperature and sending data to Mini2440
2- Sending temperature data to Central Controller System wirelessly
3- Sending commands to control actuators based on temperature and routins wirelessly and by means of embedded PLC in kiln control panel
1- Applying control commands to actuators by PLCs
2- Monitoring the temperature and baking process regulary to ensure baking procedure accuracy
Despite of automatic control, in manual mode, adjusting the actuators and controlling the baking process are done by workers.
- Ati Pardis Morvarid Huffman brick furnace- Habib Abad Industrial Zone in Esfahan