System Overview

Nowadays, having access to reliable and accurate real time tank inventory data is a key point for most industries.

The tank gauging system is a complementary system which presented together with RSCO level transmitter (Radar and Ultrasonic) to meet all requirements for handling tanks efficiently.

RSCO tank gauging system integrated level transmitter, temperature compensation and pressure sensors, control and monitoring unit and software. The sensors and transmitters provides the tank data. Control unit processes them and calculate parameters such as volume and density.

The system block diagram is shown in the following picture:

Tank Guaging-BD-Web-EN




  • Giving volume and density calculations according to data provided by transmitters
  • Giving online density and volume according to mass, temperature and pressure of media
  • Temperature and pressure measurement is optionally and can be added based on customers’ requirements
  • Providing audit logs and reporting both graphically and in excel files to record and trace operations
  • Providing alarm signals using separate relay outputs for different critical conditions
  • Possible to real time control, monitoring and data access via the internet
  • Possible to define different users with different access levels
  • Possible to define production processes such as different transfer operations or start/stop the pumps or mixers inside the tanks


(Under Construction)

Measuring and controlling the level and volume of different types of fluid materials and powdery solids stored in tanks, needs a reliable, fault tolerant and user-friendly system. RSCO Tank Gauging System comprises three main parts as follow: - Transmitters: The employed transmitters of this system includes Level transmitter, temperature, temperature compensation and pressure sensors. The tank data is measured and sent to controller by means of these transmitters. Control and monitoring unit: this unit displays the parameters values on monitor online and can be integrated with controller systems in order to control pumps or other actuators installed on tanks. Moreover, the volume of materials can be computed and displayed online by connecting the controller to temperature compensation sensors. Another functions of this unit is providing alarm signals using separate relay outputs for different critical conditions. Software: RSCO Tank Gauging Software provides different types of management reports and some other functions such as displaying tank status in different modes, receiving compensation formula and saving information. The data is collected by sensors and sent to the software. Next, the proper operations are applied to tank based on predefined decision making processes. Online and remote monitoring, control and data access via the internet are other software functionality.