System Overview

Measauring the tanks level continuously, is an important issue in different industries. There are several methods for tank level measurement and one of the best known ones is non-contact methods such as radar level transmitter. Radar stands for Radio Detection And Ranging. This technology is already used in navigation, aircraft and so on. The history of using electromagnetic waves in tank level measuring backs to 50 years ago. The range of radar wavelength is in 3 to 30 Ghz with no considerable effects on human health.

Radar level transmitter produced by RSCO is the first national production in level measuring by radar technology. Despite the lower costs, this domestic product performs as efficiently as the similar foreign products. So that, it can play an important role in wide range of industries like oil and gass.

RSCO Radar Level Transmitter is released in two model: “Magic Pro” and “Magic Wave”. The differences between these two models are their accuracy and measuring range.




  • Released in two models with different accuracy and measuring range in consideration to customers’ requirements
  • Supporting 2 wire HART protocol compeletly.
  • Unaffected by medium properties such as fluctuations, heavy vapors, dust and foam.
  • Validated by CE, IP67 & EXd IICT6 Standards
  •  Efficient for using in tanks contain acid, alkaline, corrosive and poly-phases material
  • Process temperature up to 100 °C without PTFE lens and 250 °C with PTFE lens and 10 bar process pressure
  • Measuring range of 0/5 to 30 m.
  • Long life-time and low maintenance costs.
  • 1 year warranty and 10 years after sale services.


The Radar level Transmitter is a non-contact level transmitter which comprises of two main madules: display module and RF module. This system is based on FMCW technique and its frequency range is from 9/6 to 10/8 GHz. The horn antenna of this system is used for propagating the signals. RF module receives the signals which launched into the tank and process them and display module shows the level of tank based on millimeter and percentage.
The output of the system is 4 to 20 mA with supporting two wire HART protocol completely.
The calibration of the system can be done by popular handheld easily. By using PTFE lens, this level transmitter can be installed on tanks with process temperature up to 250 °C, process pressure about 10 bar and corrosive medium.
RSCO Radar Level Transmitter is released in two model: “Magic Pro” and “Magic Wave”. The differences between these two models are the accuracy and measuring range. The accuracy of Magic Pro and Magic Wave are ±5 mm and ±1 mm respectively. The measuring range of Magic Pro and Magic Wave are 0/5 to 30 m and 0/5 to 12 m respectively.
The radar level transmitter can be integrated with a complementary tank gauging system. The software of this system provides online and continiouse access to management reports such as the amount of output and input materials of/to tanks as well as real time overview of tank gauging system.

- Esfahan Oil Refining Company-2015
- Morvarid Petrochemical Company-2015
- Petrochemical Research and Technology Company-2013
- Shahid Mohammad Montazeri Power Plant (Mazut Tanks)-2012
- Sepahan Oil Company-2013

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