System Overview

Nowadays, one of the important challenges in industrial process control, is level measurement. The most of present level meters are contact based and do not provide accurate results. One of the most reliable and contact-less level gauge for liquid application is Ultrasonic level transmitter.

RSCO Ultrasonic level transmitter is designed to use for wide range of applications with non-contact control. Another feature of this product which creates reliable level measurement solutions are water and dust proof. Some application of this product is chemical, food, Pharmaceutical and water.


Ultra Sonic-Properties



  • System accuracy: ±2mm
  • Validated by CE and IP67 standards
  • unaffected by media properties such as dielectric constant
  • Supporting HART and Modbus protocol
  • System Output: 4 to 20 mA
  • Measuring range up to 7 m
  • Cost effective system in comparison to similar foreign products
  • Long life-time and low maintenance costs.
  • 1-year warranty and 10 years after sale service


RSCO Ultrasonic level transmitter is designed based on TOF (Time Of Flight) principle. Measurement process is done over following steps:
- emitting a high-frequency pulse by sensor
- The pulse impacts the level surface and is reflected back to the sensor
- Receiving the reflected pulse
- Transmitting the pulse and its echo to processing unit separately
- Computing the time intervals between send and receive signals
- Measuring speed of sound in consideration to operating temperature
- Computing the distance to the medium surface in consideration to computed time and speed of sound
1- High-tech Silicate Company
2- Esfahan Municipality
3- Esfahan Power Plant
4- Mouteh Gold Complex
5- Esfahan Fire Station
6- Shahid Mohammad Montazeri Power Plant
7- Sepehr Shimi Company
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